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Founded in July 2022, Love With Action is an organization born out of a desire to help those who help others, specifically the youth, the elderly, and the underserved in the community. Our organization is designed to help provide financial and promotional support for activities in safe facilities that hone skills, build character, and promote community involvement.

As we move forward, our organization hopes to have a significant impact on communities. Our success stories are the lives that have been changed as a result of our initiatives. Every time we assist a local youth group on a field trip or activity; every time we occupy a child's time to keep them off the streets; every time we assist in providing transportation for the elderly to doctor's appointments or running errands; or every time we provide basic necessities for the underserved; it is considered a success.


We are committed to empowering and equipping the youth, the elderly,  and the underserved through financial and educational support for the enhancement of productive lifestyles. 


We envision a place where communities convene and come empowered with life skills for a better future


Provide funding, guidance, and support to local youth group organizers to continue their work. Enhance youth organizations' presence in the local community. 
Provide a safe, functional facility for the youth to better serve the needs of the community

Programs and Services
  • Liquid Love

Local youth group organizers can apply for funding for their endeavors.

For instance, we fund boxing competition travel expenses as well as other educational field trips

  • Love With Action

Through its Facebook page, the organization freely promotes various youth organizations and their initiatives for them to attain audience support and garner linkages.

  • Operation Love

Our organization has a permanent safe facility, which houses a gym area, a play area, and a lounge area for the kids and the youth. Respective gym equipment, amenities, and learning materials are provided to supplement the holistic development of the youth.

  • Summer Love

In partnership with local schools in Aiken County, we will provide food to less fortunate students when they go on break for the summer.

  • Love on Wheels

In partnership with professional transportation services, we will provide local transportation for the elderly and underserved - ranging from doctor's appointments to running light errands. 

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